Celestron NexStar 8 GPS on a Celestron HD Wedge (plus upgrade kit), ADM MDS Top rail and 125mm rings, ADM MDS Ball head camera mount (Manfrotto head), Hyperstar C8 v3, Kendrick Dew strip

Handset version information

ADM MDS Lower Rail and 2 x counterweights

Starizona Microtouch focuser, attached to a Feathertouch focuser.

Hyperstar C8 v3 and counterweight (pelicase included). The counterweight is placed into the back of the OTA (in the visual back) to help balance the fork mounted scope against the weight of the Hyperstar connected to the front.

Fitting the Hyperstar (its nowhere near as scary as it looks, honestly!)

Remove the secondary holder ring

Remove the Secondary mirror (note the postion of the notch on the secondary holder, and the grub screw on the secondary plate)

Place secondary mirror in "pot" supplied

Screw down with ring

Screw Hyperstar into secondary holder until snug. The unit has a 2" filter section (just behind the red cap in the following image), you just unscrew the top of that section, insert the filter, screw the top back on, then attach the camera to the "front" via the T-Threads.

The adapter on the image above is for the QHY8 camera. I also have an 2" filter adapter for Starlight Express cameras (to give the correct back focus distance).


Removal is just the reverse of the fitting process. The first time you do this, it takes ages because you get worried, but after the 3rd or 4th time, its a 60-90 second job. Nothing to it, honestly!

ADM MDS Ball head camera mount (Mafrotto head)

Astrozap hard dew shield (note the notch in the shield to allow the camera cables to exit)

Misc Bits
Serial Mount control cable, Original screws before ADM rails were fitted, 1.25" visual back, feathertouch parts (removed to fit microtouch), original focuser parts (removed to fit feathertouch)

AltAz bolts (for mounting the NS8GPS on the tripod in Alt/Az mode, rather than on the wedge)

Original shipping boxes for NS8 GPS and Tripod (The Tripod fits in the box on the left, but with the extra ADM rails and Featherouch/Microtouch focuser, the NS8GPS doesnt fit in the box on the right)

Some images of this system in use

And now some images taken with this system (all images taken with QHY8)